Choose Best Wholesale Glass Pipes USA with 6 Factors

Chances are that a prime part of your customer base consists of beginners in the smoking circuit. They might get confused about what they should purchase when it comes to their smoking pipes. They might find your expert recommendations to buy their pipe! You can provide them with the best advice depending on specific factors and also stock up on the top and most common smoking pipes for your smoke shop.


Budget - The primary rule that many people follow is to purchase the top-quality product within one’s budget. Presuming that your customer is only looking for a cheap or an expensive smoking pipe can result in the wrong suggestion. As you already know, smoking glass pipes are easily available in a large price range starting from less than $20 to more than $1000, with each price range accommodating lots of dependable, well-built smoking pipes. Consider your customer's budget, skills, and taste to recommend the right smoking pipes that are worth the price.


Design Consideration (Size, Thickness & Shape) - The shape and size of the glass pipe you should recommend highly depends on the usage of the smoker. For instance, a stylish piece will be best suitable for smokers who place their smoking glass pipe in a fixed location. While smaller and portable pipes will be better for smokers who prefer comfort and convenience. The thickness of the glass is also a crucial aspect when selecting the glass pipe. Thin pieces can crack easily but many customers feel more comfortable with thick glass pieces. Glass thickness of most pipes ranges between 1mm to 9mm and customers mostly prefer one that is closer to the 9mm thickness.


Look, Feel, and Appeal - Beginners mostly want to look through as many smoking pipes as possible that's why it is recommended to stock a variety of colorful and distinctly designed pipes. Looking, touching, and feeling more and more pipes helps the customers paint a clear picture in their minds and finalize the one they want to take home.


Quality - Quality holds major importance when it comes to selecting the best glass pipe. Customers might wish to inspect the glass pipe for any scratches or bubbles. Though few of these aren’t abnormal, glass pipes with too many scratches can be a sign of low quality and cause it to break quickly. Clean joint welds without any bubbles are a clear sign of high quality.


Ease of Cleaning - Many customers like low-maintenance and quickly cleanable glass pipes. Not only does it make the glass pipes convenient but also helps the smoker get the most smoke. The cleaning process and its ease mostly depend on the design of the bowl in the glass pipe. To get an easy and quick cleaning process, it is a must to avoid pipes having tiny carbs, holes, and mouthpieces as they can be hard to clean for customers.


Usage - The usage of your customers is crucial to consider before recommending a pipe to them or choosing the right wholesale glass pipes USA to stock up. What might be right for one customer might not be suitable for other customers! A tiny and thick glass piece will be the ideal choice for outdoorsy customers who want a light glass pipe. A bubbler might be suitable for customers who use glass pipes mainly at their homes. Customers who commonly have joint smoking sessions might wish to show off their glass pipes, so you should suggest a stylish piece. Likewise, beginners can opt for a 5-inch hand pipe while customers who smoke frequently and like huge rips should be offered an elaborate glass piece.


These were the 6 factors to consider while choosing the best wholesale glass pipes USA to stock up on or while suggesting pipes to your customers.